For so long you have searched for a tool that analyzes your games and says who are your best strikers ... now you find it!

Strikers and Appearances

A simple tool to discover your team best strikers. The goals are divided according to the competition.


With this tool you will see all the goals scored by your team, both official and unofficial, but also your captains history and match results.


Through a rapid registration system you will have access to faster analysis when you will come back.


Compare your stats with other Hattrick Scorer users.
Access to view your team best strikers
Create an account to use Hattrick Scorer. Check the reCaptcha to enable the registration button.


Registration is required to use the tool to make fast analysis, and save your data for the next time you will use Hattrick Scorer.


With the credentials provided in registration log into your account to start the analysis. The analysis time depends on the number of games.

Authorize CHPP

The first time you log into your account you will be redirect to the Hattrick CHPP page to authorize Hattrick Scorer.

Analysis time

Analyze all the matches of a team takes about 15-20 seconds for each season played. The process may be long the first time. The next time will be only analyzed the current season.

Why we need registration?

Registration is required to save your data in order to make the process faster. Also by registering an account on Hattrick Scorer you will need to certify the product only the first time.

Hattrick Scorer is FREE and always will be.
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